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Naturopathy is a blend of traditional medical systems, such as herbal medicine, massage, and homeopathy with the modern sciences of nutrition and anti-ageing medicine. As the saying goes, what you eat and drink today, walks and talks tomorrow.

Naturopathy is a natural approach to healthcare. The use of natural remedies encourages your body’s amazing ability to heal itself. Blended with the right nutritional balance, naturopathy can;

  • Increase your energy levels
  • Relieve many health problems
  • Give you a positive feeling of wellbeing
  • Help you have control of your own health

With the latest equipment from around the globe, I will assess your health and design a programme to maximise your energy and well-being. You will be empowered to make life choices that will improve your health and your life. Most of all you will increase your knowledge of self and gain an insight into the simple changes that can be implemented to enhance your lifestyle.

When I leave Karen’s clinic after a Bowen/Emmett session, all my senses feel cleaner , clearer and I am physically pain free. I now can maintain the back and neck pain as well as any muscle tension for many months at a time. Due to the nature of my work, it is very important that I can have access to Karen’s wonderful approach and knowledge of the Bowen and Emmett techniques. Karen is a practitioner with integrity on many levels and has an intuitive understanding of the wholistic expression of the human form. I would definitely recommend Karen to those who I felt would benefit from her skills.


Anastasia Paxie, Napier