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VLA – Cellular Health Analysis

Are You Ageing Prematurely? How Would You Even Know?

A Vitality Longevity Analysis also known as a Cellular Health Analysis is a scientifically validated test that accurately measures the ‘biological markers of ageing’. By analysing the markers, an accurate status of your health can be recorded giving me information on the areas of your health that needs attention. The report includes information on how well your cells are functioning. The results show various parameters including cell energy production, vitality and fluid balance, your body fat %, muscle mass and internal biological age.

The procedure is completed in a matter of minutes and is completely painless and safe for everyone, including pregnant women. As with the blood analysis, comparative testing of later results is a scientific method of checking the effectiveness of your treatment program.

Over several years, Karen has helped me through my physical injuries, including my pre and post-operative surgeries. She has also supported me in maintaining my general health status. I find Karen’s professional approach to be very caring, friendly and she always will go the extra mile to see me right.


Gaye Long, Hastings